Baseline Study Report of Ain-O-Salish Kendra (ASK)

Human Rights and Access to Justice Situation in ASK Programme area

Mid-term Evaluation Report - TLMZ supported project

Community based rehabilitation project focused on leprosy affected person with disabilities

Report on MJF Baseline Survey 2009

Baseline Survey on Human and Child Rights programme.

End-line Evaluation of CNA Foundation project in RMG sector

Final Evaluation of WEAR project on RGM industries by Netherland based Buyers Network CNA Foundation

UNFPA Research on Reproductive Health Initiatives for Youth in ASIA (RHIYA)

Adolescent Reproductive Health - quality research

Review Report of Voucher Scheme Under Homeless Component of MSI`S EC Block Grant Project

Conducted for Marie Stopes (MS) clinic society

Baseline Survey Report of Sharique Phase-IV

Baseline Survey of Sharique Local Government Program.

Migration Project Evaluation Report

Mid-term Evaluation of Safe Migration Facilitation Project of BRAC

Vulnerability Analysis of CSE and CSEC Survivors in Bangladesh

Cross-boarder trafficking victims - Vulnerability Analysis of Women and Children survivors from Commercial Sex Exploitation

Functionality and Sustainability Assessment of SHN CSPs

Community Service Providers Assessment - USAID’s Surjer Hasi Clinics

ILO-UNDP Feasibility Study Report

Micro-business study of trained entrepreneur report - tracer study

COVID-19 and Women Empowerment

Impact of COVID-19 on Women Garments workers

Endline Assessment Report of Countrer Traficking Project_RJ

Community Managed Counter Trafficking project evaluation report

Institutional Assessment of NIPORT

Capacity assessment of NIPORT as a national institute for family planning training and service delivery

Organizational Capacity Assessment Report - NACOM

Tailored OCA methodology based Capacity Assessment Report - USAID-Eco-life project partner

Evaluation Chittagong Hill Tracts Development project

Community development rights based a livelihood project targteed to Ethnic and Socially excluded people

Tannery Sector Mapping study report

This report presents tannery sector situation in the transition period - Hazaribag to Savar

CBSG Sample Report

Evaluation Report

Methodological and Assignment Completion Report

Data Collection Service provided to Landesa, USA, under a framework contract.

Baseline Survey Report - USAID BNA project

This baseline was conducted in three southern districts on nutrition, market system and women empowerment

Mid-term Evaluation Report - SAFETI project

This mid-term evaluation documents project achievements, weaknesses, lessons learned and recommends future actions

Research Evaluation and Survey Assignments of CBSG since 2023

All research evaluation and survey assignment since June 2023 with contact references

Endline Evaluation report of Plan Canada - CEMB project

Evaluation report - Combating Early Marriage in Bangladesh

GIZ supported SHRC project Evaluation Report

Livelihood project evaluation report - implemented by BRAC, ICCO and Sushilan

Shurjer Hashi Network - Satellite Spot Assessment Report

Programmatic assessment study of USAID funded Advancing Universal Health Coverage Activity

Outcome Baseline survey on Living Wage and Women Situation for Fairwear Foundation

This report reflects the ‘behaviour’ of stakeholders in the RMG sector concerning Living Wages, Social Dialogue and GBV & Discrimination

Winrock SAFETI Final Evaluation Report

USDA supported safe Aquaculture and Trade Improvement project implemented by Winrock International

Winrock Report

Evaluation Report of Dutch Employers Cooperation Programme

Bangladesh case - Trade Union and RMG sector - Part of multi country study

OD performance reference - CBSG

List of all OD projects since 2003

Multi-county Labour compliance study report on IFIs project

Labour compliance assessment of World Bank and ADB projects in five South Asian Countries

Bangladesh Ternary Sector Mapping Report

Organising Workers in Ternary Sector

Lessons Learned Documentation

Lessons learned documentation of LIFE-NOPEST project of CARE Bangladesh

Appraisal Report of Prevention of Trafficking in Children and Women in Bangladesh

Project Appraisal Report, funded by IOM

CARE SHABGE Mid-term Monitoring Report

Mid-Term Monitoring of Rural Livelihood Program

Evaluation Hing Impact Practices in Health and Family Planning

Combined report based on qualitative study in Bangladesh and Tanzania

Evaluation High Impact Practices in Health and Family Planning

Combined report based on qualitative study in Bangladesh and Tanzania

Review of the Rights of Ethnic People of FCDO supported - MJF project

Programme review report - Human and Ethnic Rights

Community Development Survey Report

Community Development and Rural Livelihood Program Research

IOM Project Appraisal report

Counter trafficking project appraisal report of IOM

Operational Manual of Rohingya Refugee Livelihood Program

Livelihood Program Implementation Manual for Rohingya Refugee and Host Communities at Cox-sBazar

OD report


Mid -Term Review Report

Improving the health and SRH status of the poor, most vulnerable and underserved populations in selected urban areas of Bangladesh Project of Marie Stopes International -supported by EC

SSFP Market Survey Report

Smiling Sun Franchise Programme Market Survey

CLS Perception Study Report

Measuring Comunity Perceptions on Access to Justice in CLS Intervantion Areas

Synopsis of Gender Analysis

Gender Analysis on Eye Health Care Services in Barisal Division

Knowledge Attitude and Practice Survey Report

KAP Survey on Eye Health Services in Barisal Division

Micro Business Feasibility Report

This report assessed the feasibility and risk of micro-business projects of UPPR - ILO technical support to UPPR Project

CLS Endline Survey Report

Community Legal Services Endline Perception Survey Report 2016

Report on Project Evaluation

Dhaka Community Based Rehabilitation Project (DCBRP). The Leprosy Mission International, Bangladesh

Study Report on Right to Information

Understanding and Practice in Civil Society Organizations in Bangladesh

UNHCR Rohinga Research Report

Rapid Appraisal of the Livelihood Capability of the Refugees: Kutupalong and Nayapara Refugee Camps

Tea Sector Employment Study Report

Explored Dynamics of Inter Tea Garden/Estate Labour Migration - balancing tea sector labour migration.

Operation Research Report on reproductive health promotion

This report revealed the accessibility and adaptability of reproductive health services by rural people

Marie Stopes Study Report

This report explored the adolescents satisfaction over Marie Stopes clinic health services

Study Report on Organizing RMG workers

Study Report on Organizing RMG Workers in Bangladesh

RMG Sector Project Evaluation Report

Strengthening the Capacity of Independent Workers' in Bangladesh's Ready-made Garment Sector and Export Processing Zones

Report on Organizing Workers

Mapping on Organizing Workers in Keraniganj Apparel Hub, Dhaka, Bangladesh 2015

Baseline Study on Child Labour

Baseline Study on Child Labour in the Keraniganj Apparel Hub

Study on Precarious Work on Five Selected Sub-Sectors

Scope and Challenges for Trade Union Organisations PSI - Municiple Conservancy Sector BWI - Padma Bridge Construction UNI - Pharmacy Retail Shop ITF - Deep Sea Fishing IndustriALL - Chemical Sector

Report on Branded Childhood

How garment brands contribute to low wages, long working hours and school dropout in Bangladesh

Report on Satellite Spot Assessment of Smiling Sun Network

USAID's flagship health service delivery program (Satellite clinic)

Report on Functionality and Sustainability Assessment of CSPs

USAID's flagship health service delivery program- CSP(CHW)

Recent Assignments

  • May-September 2024
    OCA Contract with The Asia Foundation

    Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) of NGO partners in the Promoting Effective, Responsive, and Inclusive (PERI) Governance program in Bangladesh. This program is supported by the FCDO, UK.

  • March 2024 to April 2025
    Contract with the Freedom Fund, USA

    Capacity assessment, Capacity strengthening planning and implementation of the Freedom Fund partners in Bangladesh

  • October 2023 to January 2024
    Contract with Abt Associates

    Baseline Survey of FTF Bangladesh Nutrition Activity (BNA) project of USAID in 8 Districts in Bangladesh

  • November -2023 February 2024
    Contract with Asia Foundation

    Capacity strengthening of 14 selected partners of the South Asia Governance Program (SAGP) funded by the US Department of States

  • August - November 2023
    Contract with Abt Associates. USA

    Annual Performance Study of Bangladesh Feed the Future Nutrition Activity funded by USAID

  • August 2023 - January 2024
    Contract with Winrock International

    Pre-Baseline Activity and Baseline Study of Bangladesh Program to End Modern Slavery (B-PEMS)

  • Contract with PLAN International (Canada & Bangladesh)

    Endline Evaluation of Combatting Early Marriage Bangladesh (CEMB) project in Bangladesh implemented in two districts - Vhola and Jhalokathi. The project targets 140,000 adolescents, of them 56.6% are girls.

  • Contract with ACDI VOCA for USDA project evaluation in the Philippines

    Final Evaluation of the Philippine Coffee and Farm Enterprise (PhilCAFE) project in the Philippines. The project is funded by USDA and implemented in three provinces - Mindanao, Lozan and Visyas.

  • June - November 2023
    Contract with ACDI VOCA

    Final Evaluation of Philippine Coffee Advancement and Farm Enterprise (PhilCAFE) project in the Philippines

  • June - September 2023
    Contract with PLAN International

    Endline Evaluation of Combatting Early Marriage in Bangladesh (CEMB) project.

  • March-October 2023
    Contract Winrock International for Baseline Evaluation of RAIN project in Thailand

    Baseline Evaluation of USDA-supported Regional Agriculture Innovative Network (RAIN) project in Thailand. A mixed methods study with counterfactual groups. The baseline evaluation includes 6 value chain agricultural products such as Rice, Mangosteen, Cassava, Longan, Coconut, and Durian is grown across 11 provinces in Thailand.

  • December 2022 - June 2023
    Framework contract with Landesa, USA for Mixed Methods study in Bangladesh

    Mixed methods study in Bangladesh for the - Equal Stake in the Soil - Project of the Stand for Her Land (S4HL) Campaign

  • September 2022 - December 2022
    Contract with ICF Macro, USA

    RMG Supply Chain study for US Department of Labor

  • July - December 2022
    Contract with Winrock International, USA

    Final Evaluation of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) supported SAFETI project in Bangladesh in Association with Athena Infonomics

  • December 2021 - February 2022
    Contract with Manusher Jonno Foundation

    Review of the Rights of the Ethnic People theme of the EPR project

  • December 2021 - April 2022
    Contract with MDF Netherlands

    Evaluation of Dutch Employers Cooperation Programme, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Director Department for Sustainable Economic Development.

  • September 2021 - December 2022
    Contract with ICF (USAID Global Office for a multi-country study on High Impact Practices in M&E fo

    USAID Global project - a multi-country study on Evaluation High Impact Practices (HIP) of FP Service Delivery in USAID projects implemented by Chemonics, PathFinders, SCF and SMC in Bangladesh

  • August 2021 - February 2022
    Contract with Asia Foundation

    Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) of South Asia Governance Program (SAGP) grantee organizations in Bangladesh

  • August - November 2021
    Contract with Abt Associates

    Annual Performance Survey FY 2021 for USAID funded Bangladesh Nutrition Activity (BNA) Project in Zone of Influence -three districts

  • May-June 2020
    Contract with GIZ

    Project Operational Manual Development - HELVETAS-ICCO-SUSHILON

  • March-April 2021
    Contract with NACOM for USAID local works project

    Capacity Needs Assessment of NACOM and Update and=or develop organisational policies

  • December 2020-February 2021
    Contract with GIZ for project Evaluation

    Phase-end evaluation of SHRC project implemented by BRAC and ICCO

  • November 2020 - February 2021
    Contract with UNI GLOBAL for a Multi-Country Study

    Mapping and Labour compliance Study of IFI project in South Asian Countries

  • September-December 2020
    Contract with DIAKONIA Project Partners

    Strategic Plan Facilitation and Documentation for four partners

  • September-October 2020
    Contract with PLAN-Awaj

    COVID-19 and Women Empowerment in the RMG sector in Bangladesh

  • August-December 2020
    Contract with Abt Associates

    USAID supported BNA Baseline Survey in COX-Bazar District

  • August 2020- January,2021
    Contract with Abt Associates

    Annual Performance Survey: BNA FY 2020 in Zone of Influence (ZOI)

  • August-December 2020
    Contract with ACDI-VOCA

    Annual Performance Study USAID-RDC project

  • July - September 2020
    Contract with Helvetas

    Country Strategy Studies for SDC

  • September 2019 - March 2020
    Contract with ALRD

    Facilitate Organisational Strategic Plan Process 2021 - 25

  • October - December 2019
    Contract with Abt Associates

    USAID BNA baseline survey (1st baseline) on Food Security, Health and Women Empowerment

  • September - November 2019
    Contract with ALRD

    Strategic Planning 2020 to 2025 Conducting regional and central level workshops including documentation

  • August - October 2019
    Contract with Winrock International

    Impact Survey and Mid-term Evaluation of SAFETI Project

  • 15 April to 30 May 2019
    Contract with ICF-Macro, USA

    Remote and advance level data analysis support for a Media Survey conducted in central American country Honduras

  • March – May 2019
    Contract with Blast

    Final Evaluation of Workers’ Empowerment and Advocacy in the RMG Sectors (WEARS) Project

  • February - June 2019
    Contract with Profundo - Netherlands

    Conduct Labour Compliance study on Dhaka Metro Rail Project in association with Building Wood-workers International (BWI) affiliates in Bangladesh

  • January-May 2019
    Contract with Simavi, Netherlands

    RiTU Midline Survey in 149 Schools of Netrokona District

  • December 2018 - February 2019
    Contract with RJ for GFEMS

    Beneficiary Vulnerability Analysis and Engagement of CSE and CSEC 

  • October 2014-March 2017
    Contract with Winrock International

    Organizational Development and M&E Capacity Building of BCTIP project partners

  • October 2018 - January 2019
    Contract with Chance Swiss

    Assessment of the Extent of Protection of Rohinga Refugee Children in Ukhia and Teknaf Camps

  • August - December 2018
    Contract with Chemonics International Inc., USAID

    Conduct Satellite Spot Assessment of Smiling Sun Network.

  • October 2018 - February 2019
    Functionality and Sustainability Assessment of CSPs

    USAID`s AUHC project

  • May - August 2018
    Contract with Ecorys, UK

    Conduct impact assessment survey for Sharique project.

  • May - September 2018
    Contract with Start Fund Bangladesh (SFB)

    Conduct nationwide CSO mapping for emergency response.

  • January - March 2018
    Contract with Nutrition International (NI), Canada

    Conducting 6 Policy Dialogue Workshop on Salt Iodization at District level.

  • January 2018 - December 2019
    Contract with Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation

    Third Party Monitoring and Periodical Surveys for Sharique Phase-IV Program.

  • May - September 2017
    Contract with Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation

    Baseline Study of Sharique Phase-IV Project.

  • May - August 2017
    Contract with Pathfinder International, USA

    Capacity Assesment of 24 SH-NGOs.

  • April - September 2017
    Contract with ICF, USA

    FBS Users' Experience Study of Facebook Inc.,USA.

  • April 2017 - September 2017
    Contract with FNV, Netherland

    Household Survey on Livelihood Situation of family Garment's Workers.

  • February - March 2017
    Contract with Micronutrents Initiatives

    Policy Dialogue Workshop on Universsal Salt Iodization 6 Districts.

  • January - March 2017
    Contract with Stiching Simavi (Erasmus University, Rotterdam), The Netherlands

    Baseline Survey at Netrokona District.

  • November 2016 - December 2017
    Contract with ICT Division, MPTIT

    Professional Outsourcing Training and employment service.

  • August - December 2016
    Contract with Maxwell Stamps/UkAid

    Endline Perception Study of Community Legal Services (CLS) Programme

  • July 2016 - December 2017
    Contract With FNV Netherlands

    Contract With FNV Netherland. Conduct Study On Precarious Workers in all Five GUFs.

  • March - July 2016
    Contract with Fred Hollows Foundation

    (KAP) Survey and Gender Analysis in Barisal Division for SiB Project of Standard Chartered Bank

  • February - May 2016
    Contract with Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation

    Satisfaction Assessment of SDC's local governance project Sharique III

  • January - September 2016
    Contract with SOMO Netherlands

    Study on adult wages in the export-oriented garment industry and the relation with child labour and education

  • January - February 2016
    Contract with RTI International

    Mapping of Capacity Building Institutions in Bangladesh under USAID's Asia Support Services for Local Solutions

  • December 2015 - February 2016
    Contract with Development Alternatives Incorporated, USA

    Performance Management System Implementation, and conduct a Salary Survey

  • November - December 2014
    Contract with American Solidarity Center

    Evaluation of RMG sector project of US Department of State - DRL project

  • April 2014 - June 2017
    Contract with Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI)

    Capacity Assessment and Capacity Buildning planning of USAID's Agricultral Value Chain (AVC) Project partners

  • April - June 2014
    Contract with IndustriALL Regional Office, Delhi

    Mapping on organizing RMG workers in Bangladesh (Dhaka city and surroundings)

  • March 2014 - June 2017
    Contract with Agro-inputs project, CNFA/USAID

    Organizational Capacity Assessment and Capacity Development of USAID supported Agro Inputs Project (AIP)

  • November 2013 - June 2017
    Contract with Winrock International under CREL/USAID

    Organizational Capacity Assessment for 18 potential partner NGOs of CREL project

  • Septemeber 2013 - February 2014
    Contract with SDF for World Bank Project

    Capacity Building of Nuton Jibon Project Staff - Strategic Capacity development plan plan, Staff skill development etc.

  • July - November 2013
    Contract with JICA Project Team rep by PADECO Co. Ltd.

    Action Research for Collaboration Between CBO and Comilla City Corporation

  • July - December 2013
    Contract with MDF Netherlands

    FNV Mondiaal Baseline 2013. International studies - Bangladesh with Peru, South Africa and Zimbabwe

  • June - October 2013
    Contract with Maxwell Stamps Ltd.

    Baseline Perception Survey of DfID supported Community Legal Service (CLS) Project

  • April 2012 - January 2013
    Contract with Chemonics Inc, USA

    Capacity Strengthening of 26 SSFP network NGOs

  • July 2009 - March 2014
    Contract with Aga Khan Foundation/CIDA

    Organizational Development of four civil society organizations

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    Ongoing Projects

  • Contract with Asia Foundation

  • Contract with Abt Associates. USA

  • Contract with PLAN International (Canada & Bangladesh)

  • Contract with ACDI VOCA for USDA project evaluation in the Philippines

  • Contract Winrock International for Baseline Evaluation of RAIN project in Thailand

  • Framework contract with Landesa, USA for Mixed Methods study in Bangladesh